Product Platforms

Unlimited possibilities…

A clean slate, always.

Each GMP suite is designed for painless decontamination and rapid equipment changeover. It’s like starting again with a new facility, as often as required—without the usual risky investment of time and money

X-actly right.

SlateXpace™ suites are configurable and equipment agnostic, leaving room for operators to accommodate the “X” factor: shifting patient needs, new processes, advances in technology, or unknown future opportunities.

Outpace expectations.

Modularization and the strategic deployment of parallel off-site workstreams mean that a SlateXpace™ facility is up and running faster than traditional capital projects, with full cost control and end-to-end quality.

Support that grows with you.

As your business needs evolve, our process and technology experts stay with you, rapidly integrating additional GMP space or new modalities and training your personnel to qualify, operate, and decontaminate each suite efficiently.

One size does not fit all...

When we set out to create SlateXpace™, we imagined something that the industry has never seen before: a fully pre-engineered, modular, multimodal cleanroom. A single turnkey offering with an intention to scale.

Here’s the thing we figured out about offering a single solution, though: when you try to fit everyone, you wind up fitting no one.

That’s why there are four distinct SlateXpace™ models: SX20, SX30, SX40 and SX50. Deploy just one, or mix and match them to create a near-infinite array of combinations, suitable for different needs or phases of growth.

SX50 up to 3800 SF Learn More
SX40 up to 3100 SF Learn More
SX30 up to 2300 SF Learn More
SX20 up to 700 SF Learn More

A single turnkey offering with an intention to scale.

All four SlateXpace™ models are designed to outperform traditional construction in speed, cost control, and ease of scalability.

All models support GMP manufacturing across multiple product pipelines. What distinguishes them from one another is their scale, allowing them to fit within almost any existing or new facility. This gives our clients control over how they build their SlateXpace™ manufacturing operation—and sustained control, at the end of the day, is the key to owning the marketplace with a new generation of effective, innovative, and high-quality drug products.