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Viral Vector/Gene Therapy

Monoclonal Antibody (mAb)

Allogeneic Cell Therapy

Autologous Cell Therapy

Modality X (planning for what’s next)

SlateXpace™ provides full operational turnkey delivery, upfront cost and schedule confidence and infinite scalability by increasing footprint, capturing new markets, or taking advantage of emerging technologies.

Our modular design means that your SlateXpace™ operation is up and running faster and with better cost control than a traditional stick-built facility.

1 — Run batches in one modality
2 — Decontaminate your SlateXpace™
3 — Swap out single-use & mobile equipment
4 — Requalify your SlateXpace™
5 — Run batches in another modality

After deployment, our team will help you grow and adapt your SlateXpace™ operation as technologies, business objectives and patient needs change. This isn’t only about resilience against risk; it’s about readiness for opportunity. When you need to make a move, your SlateXpace™ will make it easy.

Finish one modality, decontaminate, and start another.
It’s that simple, and it’s (almost) that fast.

Photos courtesy of Germfree